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Services that do not require registration (such as a paid one-time screening service) are for the general public.

For the use of the other services, registration is required, and services are intended only for the entrepreneurs (legal entities, lawyers, sole traders, ...).

Registration is not possible for the natural persons - consumers without a Business ID.

For business inquiries, please contact us by e-mail, we will contact you immediately.

Otherwise, the phone call rate is negotiated in the business contract that lists the relevant phone numbers.

Working hours are from 9am to 5pm, but in urgent cases it is also possible to call outside of work hours.

We do not provide the phone support for the other users, but do not hesitate to contact us by email!

Data is securely stored in a hosting center with 24-hour physical security, far beyond the security of common office space.

Unauthorized access to or abuse of the data is, in addition to the company's reputation, protected by a high contractual penalty.

So you do not need your own server to manage the files, you do not have to deal with software updates, and your files are always at your fingertips.

Each service has its own pricelist, which is always included in the description of the relevant service in the presentation section of the service.

There is no need to enter into a written contractual relationship to use our services.

We do not need to enter into a written contractual relationship to use our services.

However, you agree to the terms of service contained in the service description by using the service.

If you need a written agreement, please contact us.

Most of the services are paid by the credit system, i.e. you shall charge the credit at the amount you deem appropriate, the system will send you the appropriate tax receipt after you have credited the amount.

For some services, we also offer a contractual relationship allowing for invoice payment backwards, pls. contact us for further details.

Some services are always paid for the calendar year ahead, with the system prompted to prolong the service by email.

For individual help with the system, we provide a Skype training with shared computer screen. Please contact us to arrange the timing.

Please also let us know which part of the system you need to get training with.

Multiple people can access one account created (business ID).

You can enter a list of people who have access to iSpis in the Settings - Group Settings section.

Here, you can also set the access level of the appropriate persons.

The first e-mail given to the group is the default one - where all warnings etc are beeing sent.

If you want to be notified of a drop in credit, you need to enter the amount at which the system should indicate the drop in the section Billing - Status

If your credit has fallen to zero and you need urgent screening, please contact us - we'll allow you to temporarily use the service to the minus credit.

The tax document is sent by e-mail to the email address entered at the registration.

The tax document has an electronic signature and is not sent by the post office.

An e-mail with a tax receipt is sent right after the payment is received (if you pay online with bankcard, the next day with bank transfer).

All tax documents can also be downloaded by logging in section Billing - Invoices .

You can set or correct your billing information in the Settings - Group Settings section.

If a proforma invoice figure is incorrect, you can generate a new one after the correction. (The unpaid proforma invoices are ignored by the system.)

If there is an error in the already issued tax document, please write to us.

The most common reason is the lack of credit or prohibited audio-text service with your operator.

If you want, please write us your phone number and the time of sending the SMS, we do check the delivery status of the reverse SMS.

Sending SMS is free of charge, only the reverse SMS with the code is charged when received.

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Recorded in the Business Register administered by the regional court in Brno, section C, item no. 64409.