iSpis – Pricelist

The price of the system depends on your chosen option (Solicitor File or Debt recovery), the number of cases, the volume of technical support and the extent of services used.

Inkaso StartInkaso StandardInkaso Profi
Active cases includedup to 1000up to 10,000up to 10,000
199 EUR /month for each additional 10,000 cases
Tracking changes in court proceedings ***
Tracking persons in insolvency register ***
Generating Electronic Payment Orders from cases ***
Tracking instalment schedules
Automatised notifications
(plus channel fee - text message or letter)
59 EUR /month/ for each <br />10,000 notifications and part thereof59 EUR /month/ for each <br />10,000 notifications and part thereof
Downloading bank account statements, pairing payments
(only supported banks, unlimited number of accounts)
99 EUR /month99 EUR /month
Bulk and automatised actionsPartially
Pairing incoming messages (e-mails, text messages)
Link to phone switchboard **ExternallyTailored to your needs
Link to external systems **PartiallyTailored to your needs
Multiple country support
(only supported countries and languages)
One country, more languagesMore countries, more languages
ReportingBasicBasicTailored to your needs
Tracking key performance indicators in debt recovery
Technical support included0 hours4 hours/month8 hours/week
Additional technical support79 EUR/hour79 EUR/hour79 EUR/hour
Basic price *199 EUR/month499 EUR/month1,199 EUR/month

* Prices not including VAT.

** Some services not included in the option can be purchased at a surcharge. Please contact us for a custom offer.

*** Service included only in the selected countries. Please contact us for more details.

Other services (filing an Electronic Payment Order, check-up in the CEE, sending letters and text messages...) are charged at standard rates, see the appropriate pricelist.

By activating the service, you agree with Terms and Conditions. Pricing changes reserved (added features, custom modules, inflation, etc.).